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There are many reasons for choosing to buy a property in Kefalonia:-

Greece is blessed with over 300 days of sun a year, which is more than 8.5 hours a day! The summers are hot and dry, often with a cooling breeze, and winters are short and mild. Most rainfall is between December and February, but even during this time, there are many glorious days with cloudless skies.

Quality of Life
Greece has a slower pace of life where everyone takes the time to enjoy themselves, and their surroundings. Greece is lucky in having one of the lowest rates of crime in Europe with many people leaving their houses and cars unlocked in villages throughout Greece. Add to this an outdoor lifestyle with sun, sea, and one of the healthiest cuisines around, and you can see why the lifestyle is envied throughout the world.

Value for Money
The cost of living in Greece is about 30-40% cheaper than the U.K., and properties are surprisingly good value for money. However, Greece is a full member of the European Union and property prices are expected to rise significantly in the next few years. Many people are therefore now buying investment property in Greece.

Building Rules
There are many new homes, old village houses and other types of property for sale, but due to strict planning controls, the excessive building which has ruined other parts of the Mediterranean cannot take place in Kefalonia. This means that property in Greece is integrated into traditional villages which will retain their charm and their views, and not be ruined by housing estates or high rise buildings.

Kefalonians are very warm and welcoming people. Just go to the local taverna or cafe more than once and you will be making new friends in no time. The Greek language does not even have a word for “foreigner”. Instead, they use the word for “guest”.

English is a compulsory language at Greek schools, so it is widely spoken. English newspapers, radio, and satellite television are also all readily available. The Greek language does sound tricky at first, but learn four or five words and the locals will love you for it. “Gia sou” is a good start as it means hello, good bye, bless you and cheers!

All in all, when you combine the prices, with the weather, the accessibility, the lack of crime, and the legendary Greek hospitality, you can see why more and more people are choosing to buy a home in Kefalonia.

A very informative and helpful website regarding general information, flights, accomodations and so forth is - Greece by Greeka.

BDG real estate is here to assist you every step of the way in making buying real estate property in Kefalonia your route to a better quality of life.

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